Sopro – chemistry to build on in trade quality

Sopro Bauchemie GmbH embodies a unique mix of organic growth and home-grown experience with a forward-looking product and brand strategy. This combination has fashioned the company into a leading provider of building chemical products – not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. Guaranteed trade quality and a wholehearted commitment to the builders' merchants distribution channel are two major cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. This is complemented by a full range of products for housebuilding. 

Premium-quality building materials for your home

The Sopro brand is synonymous with innovative products and product systems for a wide range of trades that include tiling, screed laying, surface filling, plastering and rendering, waterproofing, masonry and landscaping. The company's origins are traceable to the mother plant of cement manufacturer Dyckerhoff. It joined the MAPEI Group, the world's largest construction chemicals manufacturer, in 2002. The combination of many years' experience in the field of cement technology with our in-depth building chemicals know-how has proved a recipe for success. These double credentials, which only Sopro can boast, are compounded by the company's continuous investment in research and development. All of which guarantees top-performance, trailblazing products and premium-quality building materials for your home.

Wholehearted commitment to specialist distributors

The builders' merchants sector represents the only acceptable marketing channel for the Sopro brand. This is because only merchants are able to provide both professional tradesmen and ambitious private clients with the standard of counselling appropriate to our technologically advanced products. The specialist distributors are additionally supported by our external representatives, who also attend to the needs of the merchants' customers, i.e. the applicators. Our clear-cut marketing strategy guarantees merchants the faithful and wholehearted collaboration with a strong, innovative brand name, along with trade-quality products for consumers.

A unique success story: the Sopro Craft Academy

Although there is no shortage of training and continuing professional development (CPD) offerings in the sector, few can match the Sopro Craft Academy in terms of hands-on skills and professional know-how. The annual programme covers some 600 events that attract over 20,000 participants. Through its Craft Academy, Sopro provides useful, practice-oriented knowledge and professional expertise, closely geared to the specific needs of the various target groups, which, alongside builders' merchants and craftspersons, also include architects, other designers, independent experts and contractors.

Design/project consulting directly on site

Every construction project imposes its own specific requirements during all stages of design and production. Accordingly, our design and project consulting service not only supplies architects and other designers with the necessary tender documentation, but also supports all project parties throughout the construction process – wherever and whenever necessary. Above all, our Technical Service team frequently provides direct on-site assistance, e.g. through specific application and product recommendations that often pay swift dividends.

Unique selling points make the difference

A host of unique features, particularly appreciated by professional tradespersons, lend Sopro's innovative products their competitive edge. For example, Sopro DF 10, a new-generation flexible designer tile grout, combines durable hygiene with lasting appeal. Its many merits range from uniform colour brilliance and a guaranteed lime-film-free finish to enhanced protection against mould formation and microorganisms. This guarantees a long-term attractive appearance for tile coverings. As an optional extra, a stylish note can be added to the joints by admixing Sopro gold or silver glitter. Serving as much more than a simple joint filler, Sopro DF 10 actively enhances the appeal of the interior finishings.