Acting sustainably: with low-emission products and health-promoting, eco-friendly projects. Sopro Bauchemie honours its responsibility to nature, the environment and future generations.

Sustainability – always understood as the simultaneous pursuit, with equal priority, of environmental, social and economic goals – is a cornerstone of Sopro Bauchemie‘s corporate philosophy. Key planks of its policy include eco-friendly, resource-saving production and the development of low-emission products and solutions. This, in turn, demands efficient, economical processes along the entire added value chain.

As a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), Sopro Bauchemie is committed to the above principles. Many Sopro products are an ideal choice for projects seeking DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) certification. The product ratings – in terms of “quality level” – are based on the DGNB criterion “ENV1.2 Local Environmental Impact” (as at 31.07.2013), with quality level 4 representing the highest standard. Each product, depending on its type, is allocated to a “line” in the relevant criteria matrix (Annex 1 of aforementioned DGNB criterion).

In addition, many Sopro products have already been provided with their own sustainability data sheets (NDB and EPD). This allows customers to immediately identify the particular national or international building certification system for which individual Sopro products can be used.

Yet, sustainable building certification is also gaining increasing importance across the entire construction products market. Through the “Healthy Living and Energy Conservation with Ceramics“ initiatives launched by the EUF (Federation of European Tile Fixers‘ Associations), the ceramics industry and builders’ merchants are stepping up their efforts and sharpening their profile with regard to sustainability issues. These offer a key potential source of future growth. As an EUF partner, Sopro Bauchemie is actively involved in this process.


Our commitment to sustainable, ecological construction practice is underlined by high-grade, low-emission products and our involvement in various projects. The formulation of our products is the most obvious starting point for eco-friendly action: preference is given to raw materials that significantly reduce or completely eliminate emissions or pollution that pose a risk to human beings and the environment.

Emission levels are indicated by the EMICODE® rating, based on the GEV e.V. (German Association for Control of Emissions in Products for Flooring Installation) classification. The EMICODE® logo certifies that the emissions from the tested products pose no risks after application.

Sopro‘s customers are able to perform all operations necessary for successful tilelaying – from priming, waterproofing, substrate levelling, separation and insulation, to tile fixing and grouting – using certified, low-emission products. We also have a wide range of our products checked by the MINERGIE-ECO® certification body to verify their suitability for projects seeking Swiss building certification. These products include Sopro’s No.1 flexible tile adhesive, Sopro FF 450 flexible tile adhesive, Sopro DF 10® flexible designer tile grout, Sopro FS 15® plus floor-levelling compound and Sopro GD 749 primer.

Moreover, some products (e. g. Sopro FKM 444 XL, Sopro VF XL 413 and Sopro VF HF 420 tile adhesives) benefit from a low-dust formulation. In other words, the amount of dust generated by opening and preparing the material is far lower than for standard Sopro thin-bed adhesives. This helps to maintain a healthy environment both for applicators and for later occupants.


Environmentally compatible

Sopro Bauchemie has, on its own initiative, undertaken to provide ecologically sound products and solutions, backed up by efficient, economical processes. That eco-friendliness, economic viability and efficiency are by no means mutually exclusive is triumphantly demonstrated by our measures under the ÖKOPROFIT® initiative launched by the city of Wiesbaden.

Sopro Bauchemie has already picked up a string of “ÖKOPROFIT® company“ awards. The participants in this scheme to promote integrated environmental technology, launched in over 80 German municipalities and administrative districts, take action to reduce the burden on the environment while at the same time cutting costs.

For years now, Sopro Bauchemie in Wiesbaden has embraced a host of measures that compellingly demonstrate how economic profit can be generated without in any way compromising the natural environment or future generations. On the contrary, ecological initiatives and the sparing use of limited resources can even pave the way for cost savings.

The programmes introduced in many different parts of the company have achieved significant reductions in the volume of waste produced, together with appreciable cuts in energy, water and fuel consumption – all of which have translated into considerable savings.

Low emission products

Holistically healthy living environments

In recent years, attention and demand have increasingly focused on healthier buildings for living, working and learning. This trend has been compounded by statutory energy efficiency and indoor environmental hygiene requirements. As a market pioneer, Sopro Bauchemie wholeheartedly supports these forward-looking developments. The recently initiated collaboration with Sentinel Haus Institut underlines the company‘s commitment to its role as provider in the field of sustainable and ecological construction. The Sopro product listings in the institute‘s „Healthier Buildings Product Directory“ („Bauverzeichnis Gesündere Gebäude“) now offer Sopro customers easy access to its full range of healthy living products – from primers, waterproof membranes and separating/insulation board to tile adhesives and grouts.

Here, all products with the sustainable label fully deserve this title in that they meet stringent requirements in terms of both product quality (e.g. low-emission properties) and product information (content and intelligibility). As a partner in the Healthier Buildings Product Directory, Sopro Bauchemie supplies transparent, soundly based information for product assessment. Sentinel Haus Institut draws on recognized systems and labels, such as the EMICODE® emission control ratings, sustainability reports and other standard certifications. To guarantee supreme standards in all matters relating to technical services – e.g. construction product testing, indoor air measurements, training courses and company/personal certification – Sentinel Haus Institut works with TÜV Rheinland (Rhineland Association for Technical Inspection), a world-leading service provider in testing and professional development.

Sentinel Haus Institut


The Healthier Buildings Product Directory is, however, more than just a database and product list. As a multi-functional platform, it conveniently unites all different areas and interest groups: construction products, tradesmen, experts and investors, together with their certified „healthier buildings“. This provides both project team members and users with the clearest possible picture. In its role as consultant, Sentinel Haus Institut offers wide-ranging, up-to-date expertise and market intelligence, both in the German-speaking world and beyond, on indoor environmental health for all types of building. The Healthier Buildings Product Directory is set apart from everything else on the market and will continue to gain significance for future projects.

The partnership between Sentinel Haus Institut and Sopro Bauchemie offers all players in the property development, refurbishment and maintenance value chain a unique, scientifically based and market-relevant pool of know-how and experience covering the entire field of health protection and indoor comfort.