Sopro online tutorial on large format tiling

What is an online tutorial

In an online tutorial, you get theoretical information about a specific topic over the internet.

How does it work

It works on the basis of the application „Microsoft Teams“ which you need to download beforehand. This software is free of charge and works on laptops and smartphones. Within this software, the desktop of the presenter is shared and you can follow the presentation from your device while listening to the presenter.

When is the next online seminar

04.06.2020 at 09:00 h Central European Standard Time (Stockholm, Berlin, etc.). The duration of the seminar is 1 hour.


In order to register to the online seminar, please send your contact details/ E-Mail address to till latest 02.06.2020 You will then receive a participation mail from us with a link that you can follow in order to attend the seminar.


Sebastian Kammerer
Head of Application department at Sopro Bauchemie GmbH