Product data sheets

Product Description

Fine, decorative, smooth, easily workable, two-component designer epoxy tile grout and adhesive, resistant to high chemical and mechanical loads, meeting RG requirements to DIN EN 13888 and R2 T requirements to DIN EN 12004. For effortless grouting of high-grade ceramic tile coverings. For decorative, same-colour bonding and grouting of glass mosaic, porcelain mosaic and tesserae. Grout´s high resistance and hardwearing properties ensure brilliantly coloured joint pattern with lasting appeal, especially in moisture-exposed areas. Suitable in areas exposed to water, cleaners, chemicals, acids and natural fats, as well as compressive loads and washout action. For residential, commercial and industrial facilities. For showers, bathrooms, wellness suites and swimming pools, thermal baths, balconies and patios, retail areas, food-production facilities, laboratories and catering kitchens.

  • For inside and outside use
  • For walls and floors
  • Joint width: 1 – 10 mm
  • Ideal for bonding and grouting mosaic
  • eXtra fine, uniform and brilliantly coloured joint pattern
  • eXtra easy to clean, as the surface is smooth, water- and dirt-repellent
  • eXtra simple preparation, grouting and washing off
  • eXta high mechanical and chemical resistance
  • eXtra strong adhesion to joint faces
  • eXtra wide colour range
  • Can be finished with Sopro Glitter in gold, silver and copper
  • Specially matched to the Sopro joint and silicone shades
  • Processing time: approx. 45 minutes
  • 24-month shelf life
  • Solvent-free

1) These tables present approximate values calculated on the basis of practical application. The values may vary upwards or downwards due to the natural form of the flag and sett pavings. No liability may be construed and no claims shall be accepted in respect of these details.


translucent 99
white 10
light grey 16
silver grey 17
manhattan 77
grey 15
sand grey 18
stone grey 22
concrete grey 14
basalt 64
anthracite 66
black 90
parchment 27
light beige 29
beige 32
jura beige 33
sahara 40
brown 52
balibrown 59
aqua 86

For technical reasons, the colours shown here may diverge from those of the fully cured material.

Delivery Forms & order numbers

Colour Bucket 5 kg
Order nr.
Bucket 3 kg
translucent 1200-03
white 10 1201-05 1201-03
light grey 16 1202-03
silver grey 17 1203-05 1203-03
manhattan 77 1204-03
grey 15 1205-05 1205-03
sandgrey 18 1206-03
stonegrey 22 1207-05 1207-03
concretegrey 14 1208-03
basalt 64 1209-03
anthracite 66 1210-05 1210-03
black 90 1211-03
parchment 27 1212-03
light beige 29 1213-03
beige 32 1214-03
jurabeige 33 1215-03
sahara 40 1216-03
brown 52 1217-03
balibrown 59 1218-03
aqua 86 1219-03
Packaging Packages/pallet Pallet weight
Bucket 5 kg 72360 kg
Bucket 3 kg 120 360 kg

Test certificates

Test certificates, test reports and licences are available upon request

Consumption calculator

Caution: All calculated values are approximations and are dependant on the trowel tooth tilt as well as the flatness of the surface.

Approx. 2.0 kg/m² for grouting and glueing of glass mosaic1)

Processing instructions

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