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Product Description

Flexible, frost-resistant, rapid-set, cementitious tile grout with early loadability, meeting CG2 WA requirements to DIN EN 13888, for grouting narrow and wide joints in wall and floor coverings, indoors and outdoors, to produce brilliantly coloured, lime-film-free finish. For smooth, easy grouting of all types of ceramic and natural stone coverings. For public and private areas, in damp and wet spaces, and on balconies and patios. Enhanced protection for joints against mould formation and microorganisms plus lime-film-free finish ensure brilliantly coloured joint pattern with lasting appeal. Inherent water-beading effect and Hydrodur® technology create water- and dirt-repellent joints. Also suitable for use in conjunction with wall and floor heating.

  • For walls and floors, indoors and outdoors
  • Joint width: 2 – 20 mm
  • First-rate joint-filling properties and washability (removability)
  • Lime-film-free finish and colour brilliance thanks to OPZ® (Portland cement-free) technology
  • Easy-care due to water and dirt repellency
  • Enhanced protection for joints against mould formation and microorganisms1)
  • High abrasion resistance: CG2 WA to DIN EN 13888
  • Resistant to standard domestic high-pressure cleaning equipment
  • Enhanced resistance, even to acidic cleaners (for domestic applications)
  • Walkable after only 2 hours, loadable after approx. 12 hours
  • Optional enhancement through addition of Sopro gold, silver and copper glitter
  • DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council): Top quality level 4, Line 8, based on DGNB criterion „ENV1.2 Local Environmental Impact“ (2018 version)
  • For healthy living: recommended by Sentinel Haus Institut

1)Treated article under EU Biocides Regulation; please observe current information available at


white 10
light grey 16
silver grey 17
grey 15
sand grey 18
stone grey 22
concrete grey 14
basalt 64
anthracite 66
black 90
jasmin 28
light beige 29
beige bahama 34
jura beige 33
brown 52
balibrown 59

For technical reasons, the colours shown here may diverge from those of the fully cured material.

Delivery Forms & order numbers


Bag 15 kg
Order nr.
Bag 5 kg
Order nr.
white 101135-151135-05
light grey 161131-151131-05
silver grey 171126-151126-05
grey 151120-15 1120-05
sand grey 181122-15 1122-05
stone grey 221127-15 1127-05
concrete grey 14 1121-15 1121-05
basalt 64 1125-15 1125-05
anthracite 66 1123-15 1123-05
black 90 1124-15 1124-05
bahama beige 34 1129-15 1129-05
jura beige 33 1130-15 1130-05
bali brown 59 1128-15 1128-05
brown 52 1134-15 1134-05
light beige 29 1132-15 1132-05
jasmin 28 1133-15 1133-05



Packaging Packages/pallet Pallet weight
Bag with handle 15 kg 70 1,050 kg
Bag 5 kg 200 1,000 kg

Test certificates

Test certificates, test reports and licences are available upon request

Consumption calculator

Caution: All calculated values are approximations and are dependant on the trowel tooth tilt as well as the flatness of the surface.