Product Description

Rapid-set, trass-bearing, cementitious paving grout, specially for heavy-duty natural and concrete pavings. The trass content serves to reduce efflorescence. Particularly suitable for heavy-duty street/road surfaces, pedestrian precincts, hard landscaping and areas exposed to water jetting, frost and de-icing salts.

  • 5 - 30 mm joint widths
  • For outdoor use
  • Compressive strengths ≥ 68 N/mm²
  • Resistant to suction sweeper loads
  • Suitable for high-pressure water jetting
  • Resistant to frost and de-icing salts
  • Early walkability and loadability
  • Low-chromate to Regulation 1907/2006/EC, Annex XVII


grey (PFM HF) 15
anthracite (PFM HF) 66
pavement grey (PFM HF) 13

For technical reasons, the colours shown here may diverge from those of the fully cured material.

Delivery Forms & order numbers

Order nr. Colour Packaging Packages/pallet Pallet weight
575-21 grey 15 Bag 25 kg 40 1.000 kg
574-21 pavement grey 13 Bag 25 kg 40 1.000 kg
576-21 anthracite 66 Bag 25 kg 40 1.000 kg

Test certificates

  • Available upon request

Consumption calculator

Caution: All calculated values are approximations and are dependant on the trowel tooth tilt as well as the flatness of the surface.