Product Description

Drainage mat made from high-density (HD) polyethylene and special woven glass fabric. Installed in conjunction with Sopro drainage mortars, it serves to raise covering and thus provide rapid, reliable horizontal drainage to all sides on balconies, patios and steps/stairways. Sopro DRM 653 is loose laid on flexible sealing slurries, e.g. Sopro DSF 423, DSF 523, DSF 623, TDS 823 and ZR 618, or waterproof sheet membranes to DIN 18 195, e.g. SoproThene® 878 bitumen sheet membrane. Also suitable for incorporation below pervious synthetic resin mortars prepared from Sopro BH 869 construction resin and Sopro DEK 872 pervious screed aggregate or drainage mortars made from Sopro TRB 421 binder with trass and Sopro DEK 872.

  • Rapid and reliable drainage below Sopro drainage mortars
  • Below ceramic and natural stone coverings
  • Withstands high compressive loads
  • Low construction height: approx. 8 mm
  • Straightforward application
  • Ageing-resistant and dimensionally stable

Delivery Forms & order numbers

Order nr. Packaging   Packages/pallet   Pallet weight
653-12 Roll (100 cm wide) 12.5 m   6   approx. 60.5 kg


approx. 1.05 m²/m²