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Product Description

Trass cement-bonded bedding mortar for laying natural stones, pavers, flags and tiles in outdoor areas. Due to grading curve, a highly-water-permeable mortar bed is achieved which has virtually no capillary suction, thereby effectively preventing water damage, such as efflorescence and structural damage caused by frost, on balconies, patios, stairs, landings and other external areas. The covering material is laid wet-on-wet using Sopro HSF 448.

  • Ready to receive floor covering: after approx. 3 days
  • For floors, indoors and outdoors
  • Very high water permeability
  • Very good workability
  • Pumpable
  • For laying on mortar beds with min. 2 cm coat thickness
  • Compressive strength after 28 days: approx. 25 N/mm²
  • Flexural tensile strength after 28 days: approx. 4 N/mm²
  • Low-chromate to Regulation 1907/2006/EC, Annex XVII

Delivery Forms & order numbers

Order nr. Packaging   Packages/pallet   Pallet weight
610-21 Bag 25 kg   40   1.000 kg

Test certificates

  • Available upon request


approx. 16 kg/m² per cm coat thickness