Product Description

High-alkali-resistant synthetic dispersion mixed with quartz sand for pretreatment of indoor mineral substrates, especially concrete, which are unsuitable for direct application of gypsum plasters due to their low suction, smoothness and density. Sopro BK 554 is used to provide a suction-control coat and bonding layer between plaster-incompatible substrates and gypsum or lime/gypsum plasters. Particularly suitable for smooth-faced in-situ concrete, solid concrete slabs made from precast units and screeded precast concrete surfaces.

  • Sprayable with 2 mm dia nozzle
  • Adhesion promoter and suction-control coat
  • High alkali resistance
  • Colour: oxide red
  • Drying time: approx. 12 hours
  • For indoor use

1) Protect from frost during transportation and storage

Delivery Forms & order numbers

Order nr. Packaging   Packages/pallet   Pallet weight
544-20 Bucket 20 kg   24   480 kg
544-05 Bucket 5 kg   80   400 kg


150–300 g/m² depending on substrate