• AEB 639

      Waterproofing and separating membrane

      Flexible, crack-bridging, stress-relieving waterproofing and separating membrane made from high-grade polypropylene. Special nonwoven coating on either side ensures strong bond between membrane and cementitious tile adhesive.

    • BH 869

      Construction resin

      Two-component epoxy-resin-based construction resin. As primer and adhesion promoter on all smooth substrates. For production of highly wear-resistant and chemically-resistant mortars on concrete floors and cement screeds.

    • BSF 611

      Paving grout for concrete units 5 –30 mm

      Rapid-set, trass-bearing, cementitious paving grout, particularly suitable for in concrete segmental pavements in gardens/landscaped areas and in medium- to heavy-duty vehicular pavements, including areas exposed to frost and de-icing salts.

    • DEK 872

      Epoxy screed aggregate

      Used in conjunction with Sopro BH 869 construction resin, Sopro DEK 872 drainage screed aggregate, produces a drainage resin screed.

    • DM 610

      Drainage mortar

      Trass cement-bonded bedding mortar for laying natural stones, pavers, flags and tiles in outdoor areas.

    • DMX 619

      Drainage mortar eXtra

      Rapid-set, special cement-bound, premixed dry mortar with special single- sized grading and rapid strength development for indoor and outdoor laying of tiles and natural stone units, particularly on balconies and patios.

    • DRM 653

      Drainage mat 8 mm

      Drainage mat made from high-density (HD) polyethylene and special woven glass fabric. Installed in conjunction with Sopro drainage mortars, it serves to raise covering and thus provide rapid, reliable horizontal drainage to all sides on balconies, patios and steps/stairways.

    • DS 422

      Sealing slurry

      Cementitious sealing slurry used to provide waterproof barrier against surface and seepage not subject to hydrostatic pressure on masonry, concrete and plasterwork.

    • DSF 523

      One-component flexible sealing slurry

      Flexible, one-component, cementitious sealing slurry used to produce crack-bridging waterproof coatings. Suitable as waterproof membrane for use on balconies and patios, in showers, washrooms, toilets and swimming pools. For internal coating of process water tanks with max. 4 m water depth.