• ESG 868

      Epoxy primer sealer

      Solvent-free, bicomponent epoxy resin barrier coat for substrate preparation, particularly suitable for application to freshly laid and/or damp screeds.

    • EVZ 634

      Screed retarder

      Liquid mortar and screed admixture used to extend working life and retard initial set of cement mortars and screeds.

    • FAD 712

      Facade impregnation agent

      One-component, solvent-free siloxane compound for water-vapour-permeable impregnation of mineral facade materials, plasters/renders, limestone...

    • FAS 551

      Fibre-reinforced self-levelling filler

      Flexible, flow-applied, self-levelling, rapid-set, cementitious, fibre-reinforced surface filler used to even out irregularities in timber and mineral substrates, especially on refurbishment/renovation contracts. Appropriate for castor chairs and floor heating systems.

    • FE 678

      Rapidur® self-levelling screed

      Polymer-modified, ready-to-use dry mix for production of rapid-set screeds screeds allowing early flooring installation. Grade CT-C25-F5 to DIN EN 13 813. Suitable for heated screeds, bonded screeds and unbonded screeds (on separating or insulation layer).

    • FS 15 plus 550

      Floor-levelling compound

      Pumpable, self-levelling, rapid-set, cementitious universal surface filler with excellent flow properties. Applied in thin coats upwards of 2 mm to level mineral substrates and produce smooth, plane, unbroken subfloor surfaces.

    • FS 5 549

      Floor-levelling compound

      Cementitious, self-levelling, rapid-set, pourable filler compound in new, improved recipe composition for thin-coat application to produce particularly smooth surfaces and as skim coat to fill pores, hairline cracks etc.

    • G 620

      White smoothing compound

      Brilliant white, low-stress, water-vapour-permeable, fine aggregate gypsum/polymer-based compound for creation of extremely smooth wall and ceiling surfaces.

    • GD 749


      Light-blue, solvent-free, fast-drying, synthetic resin primer for highor variable-suction substrates. For pretreatment of cement screeds, calcium sulphate-based screeds, board subfloors, gypsum plasterboard and gypsum fibreboard

    • HE 449

      Bonding emulsion

      Polymer dispersion used as bonding layer for mineral surface fillers and plasters/renders (e. g. Sopro FS 15 plus and Sopro FS 30 maxi floor-levelling compounds). For wet-on-wet application.